Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Wedding is Off

I recently decided that I have somewhat of a school girl crush on a celebrity who shall go unnamed. And, for the past couple days I've been drawing my name and his in hearts and daydreaming about our wedding. Today, though, I found his blog... and, perhaps, I don't understand the whole self advertising business ("I'm this", "I'm that"). Pshh, you are a celebrity... you are most certainly NOT shy. If you were at one time, I think that if you are performing in front of thousands, you've gotten over it. Needless to say, after I found this blog... and his twitter... I'm out looking for a new future husband. He no longer makes the cut. But, the one thing that I found interesting about his blog were the 267 comments for every post that he had made ("U the best baby <3", "I love you!", blah blah).

I began thinking about how this blog functions because we all know that I am not getting anywhere near 267 comments for each of my posts. And I know that I am not a celebrity and my base of supporters is probably significantly smaller than the the entire American public listening to the radio and watching television. I am updating those who are interested on a research project, not my way of life and style. But, in some sense, this project has become a way of life... checking on the baby dandelions everyday, hanging out on the studio researching dandelions instead of watching You Tube videos and making objects. I was also thinking that I have a very face-to-face relationship with many people that are followers of the project... that those who are interested in the project do more than just post a comment... that those who are interested are more real than, say, Candice in TX.

Ian recently emailed me and told me that the blog is too convenient on it's own... which I agree with.... and I decided that is the nature of any blog. You get back exactly what you want.

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