Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Those that know me, know that I am the person who always stops and picks up change off the ground no matter what. I've stopped (numerous times) in the middle of crossing Broad St to pick up a dime when the light was yellow. Today was another one of those days where I overslept and I was running late. When I did wake up (an hour later than I was supposed to) I was, as I normally am when I oversleep, flustered and annoyed. This morning, though, was special because I went into the bathroom and for some reason there was a penny in the bathtub. I was instantly not angry with myself anymore. I'm not really sure how a penny ended up in the bathtub or why. It must have been my roommate... we we're (to the furthest extent of my knowledge) the only two people in the house last night and this morning.

It may be the nice day or my fairly great mood from finding that penny, but this morning I decided that I was going to adopt some full grown dandelions to keep the baby dandelions in my studio company. Let it be known that this idea is easier said than done. I now fully understand why it is almost impossible to get rid of dandelions when people don't want them in their gardens.

I went to the park with my newly bought trowel... and they wouldn't come all the way out of the soil. I would get really deep down next to the roots and then the root would (unbeknownst to me) turn suddenly. Then I would end up cutting the root in half (on accident)... leaving the half with the flower (the half that I wanted) incapable of being transplanted. I gave up after about an hour of this... it happened every single time, every single dandelion that I came across. Needless to say, there will be no Big Brother/ Big Sister Program in the studio.

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