Saturday, July 11, 2009

I believe that I would rank today as a success.

I woke up early this morning to go pick dandelions. I always find that as stressful as the drive is up Broad Street (past both hospitals) but it's always worth it. I get out of my car and can just set my mind to searching for something and I know what it looks like and they're usually easy to spot. This morning was a nice morning and I found a lot quickly, which made me smile.

My parents have a way of always showing up early for any event. I should start telling them that things start a half an hour later than they do so that they show up fifteen minutes late... and then we'd be running on the same schedule. Mr. and Mrs. Clarke helped me with a lot of the preliminary planning and it was nice that they were able to come and finally see everything together and in the space. And it was really nice that friends were able to stop by and everyone could talk about the project together.

Tomorrow will be a planning day. I will be making a list of materials and supplies, tying up loose ends in my research so that Monday I can get down to business and really turn this studio into a makeshift laboratory/ workshop.

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  1. Hey Nicole, it's Kelly (I was there with Will and Cori and John)! Those cookies were interesting, and so were the candied dandelions. I have to read about the project more, and I'm sorry I didn't ask about it more when I was there, but I'm glad I was there.

    See you later!