Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Today I went out for a run after I got to New Jersey and the rain died down a bit. My mom has been telling me that there are not any dandelions around the house... and, I'm afraid that she's mistaken. There were so many! I counted 19 flowers on my run before I lost count... on my way back I couldn't remember which ones I had already counted. I saw a lot of them too that weren't blossoming. My brother tells me that I probably have a knack/ an eye for finding them now.... he's probably right.

I was right to think that coming back here would be a good thing for me. I went over to the Clarke's house tonight and got a good deal of encouragement and a few laughs. They suggested beets... which I will try. They also suggested strawberries and raspberries which were on my list of things to try as well. I'm also going to try to candy them with pink sugar instead of white... Mrs. Clarke was candying violets and they were just gorgeous. She has more patience than I do for those things. We talked a good deal about Martha Stewart.

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