Friday, July 3, 2009

The studio has closed for the ENTIRE 4th of July weekend... thus meaning that I will be bumming internet off of friends all weekend. AND that I am unable to take care of the dandelions in my studio... big bummer.

I have a stack of books though to go through this weekend so I'll still be able to get some work done despite the studio closure. It seems as though every outlet that begin to research hits a dead end. Ian sent me an email telling me to make more posts with the dandelions and about the dandelions... and he's right, I should, but all the dead ends are getting depressing. The idea of a pink dandelion fills me with the same sort of hope that seeing an elk does. Thinking about it makes me smile like when I get a cappuccino in the morning and the foam on top looks like a heart.

So, mark your calenders! On July 11 from 1 pm to 3 pm I'll be hosting an event at the Crane to get some input and help. I'd like anyone and everyone who is interested in the project to stop by and offer up advice, ideas, questions, comments and support. I'm planning to make dandelion wine and candied dandelions for everyone and to learn a lot!

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