Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Today I candied some more dandelions but this time with pink sugar. I wasn't really expecting it to look fabulous... and it didn't... it looked like a pink candied dandelion... not so much like a pink dandelion should.

However, I put some dandelions in the toaster oven when they had closed up. I'm not quite sure what my motivation was to do this... exhaustion, perhaps? I guess I was sort of thinking about what happens when you put Peeps in the microwave... that maybe something cool and unexpected may happen to dandelions? Well, whatever, I was right. They didn't turn pink, but they did fluff up. About half of them opened up and puffed out and turned into a seed heads.

So, I tried out candying one of the seed heads... not as easy as expected. It ended up all goopy and lumpy.

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