Monday, July 20, 2009

I am back at the drawing board, but with a glimmer of hope in the form of red food dye. Tomorrow I am heading to my parents house for about 36 hours which, should, shed some light onto a few things. I'll be sure to see the Clarkes and a few other close family friends who have been following the project closely... some fresh opinions/ fresh sets of eyes... if anything, a little more greenery around me could definitely do me some good.

On Saturday my good friend, Holly, and I went and picked dandelions all morning. She and I used to go for runs near where I have been picking and we had a really good time wandering our old stomping ground... well, at least I did. We (after a little of my convincing) stopped for ice cream on our way back into the city. There are some things that never change, but always make me smile. When we eat ice cream, somehow, we almost always finish eating at the same time.

There's something satisfying about those little "ah-ha" moments where clarity is restored and things sort of make sense again, like eating ice cream with a close friend. Tomorrow= clear head... new thought process... I have eleven days and a lot of sorting, thinking, and rearranging to do.

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