Monday, June 29, 2009

It is fitting that we had a pinata at the picnic yesterday. I forgot my USB cord in Philadelphia. So, I am unable to upload the video that I took right now. Until tomorrow when I am able to upload my footage... here is a video that my friend, Colin, made sophomore year. I always loved it.

There is something beautiful about expectations and pinatas. Watching the look on everyone's faces while a child is swinging at a pinata is mesmerizing. And once someone finally breaks it open, the frenzy that follows is always genuinely amusing.

Everyone is always smiling and laughing. Everyone is always happy.

Side note: Free wireless in the Denver airport (!!!)... however there is ad at the top of the browser of a suffering malnourished child next to the text "Gimme Shelter"... a very nice way to put everything into perspective.

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