Thursday, June 18, 2009

Internet problems have yet to be resolved... I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all will be back to normal tomorrow.

I believe that the dreary weather is taking a toll on the dandelions in the Crane.  When I designed the structure I was anticipating a lot of light that would be coming into the space through the window in the back.  Lately though it hasn't been sunny for more than three hours and most days it rains.... there isn't too much sun hitting the dandelions... it has been starting to show.  I went and bought three lights and set them about a foot closer to the dandelions than the grow lights that are installed into the structure.

Also, two baby dandelion popped up in the middle of their planters!  They must be late bloomers but I'm happy to have them join the family.

I'm planning to have some dandelion bouquets at the Crane this weekend.  It would be nice if the rain stopped for me when I go outside to pick the flowers.

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