Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I had to mark four upside down smiley faces today in my log after I checked on the dandelions.  I am afraid there are a few that are not doing too well.  Tomorrow I am going to go get a few more fluorescent lights because I am worried that the lamps are too far away.  I had to place them far away when I built the structure so that they would not fry the dandelions when they grew taller.

A family friend sent me an email today and told me that she used to love to kill dandelions until she realized that deer love to eat them.  Last week another family friend told me about his wife's great aunt's front yard that was covered in dandelions in all stages of development.  I am going to try and get directions to drive out to see it.  He said that it was about two hours away.  Could you imagine being a deer and stumbling onto that front lawn?

I read online that dandelion leaves are good sauteed with spinach.

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