Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Everything seems to be going well! I was a bit worried with the transplanting of the dandelions because their roots were so delicate and fragile, but they seemed to be doing well just now when I checked on them. Once I had this teacher in elementary school who, when we were planting trees as a class, told me that if you rip off one of the tiny roots attached to a plants roots that it is like ripping off a fingernail. Needless to say, with that still in my mind transplanting the baby dandelions made me a little nervous. My mother has a lot of little cacti around the house in pots and she sometimes moves them into bigger pots. Watching that sure is a sight to see. She uses gloves now, but the cacti that have been growing for years and years have pretty large thorns and the gloves don't really help too much.

I have never seen a dead cactus. And now that I am thinking about it I cannot recall ever seeing a dead dandelion either. Usually when people spray dandelions with weed killer they uproot them right away. And usually people only really want the dandelions gone for aesthetic reasons. They make sure, whether or not the plant is dead, that they get rid of the flower... some things really don't make sense to me.

Yesterday, I picked Emma and Lucy up so that they could help me install the structure for the dandelions. We were driving down Poplar Street and at maybe Poplar and 18th I looked over and there was a little boy standing next to his mother holding what looked like a giant dandelion that had turned to seed. Since then I been trying to find what exactly he was holding and I think it may have been thistle. However, I am very perplexed as to how thistle would have ended up in Philadelphia. I am still looking into it.


  1. interesting, when you mentioned you wanted a pink dandelion, the first thing that came to my head was the white puffy seeds you blow on to make the seeds disperse...never really thought of that yellow flower that comes first.

  2. I think the mystery flower could be an onion. The plant is called alium and it makes a huge, thistle-like, bloom.

    -kt murken